1/11/05: Has GENTRIFICATION got you down? Do the same old dreary power-structures continue to pump their toxic muscles in your face? Are they taking away your hard-earned cash? How about a little consumer resistance? Visit our newly gentrified STORE. By clicking on an advertisement there you can throw a penny in our hat and it costs you nothing. This gives us great strength and will to go on making, recording and disseminating. Meanwhile, it's fun, quietly humorous and sad to see what the internet thinks is related to our project. The adds apparently change, so visit often.

In other news, PROFESSOR WINKLER is doing a concert in Karlsruhe, Germany on January 25th. If you're at the ZKM or planning a bath trip in Baden Baden, save your stuff for the show. It's at 9PM at the Schlachthof. Winkler will be sure to play ICECREAM as well as other of his pruesspress hits.