12/14/04: HOLIDAY CHEER. Sunday night's long marathon concert in downtown L.A., featuring Tif Sigrids, Abacuss, Mark Stan Rogel, Bastard and Mr. Banjo was recorded. Thanks to everyone for coming. We'll have some live tracks up soon. Meanwhile it's a good time to remind you of our CDs on sale at the Pruess Press store. They make great gifts.

Your support always helps. Thanks to Paul Trahan for getting us on the world's best Dylan blog, on Wednesday, Dec. 8. It's not often music succeeds in directly entering the mainstream media debate on its own terms. It's been noticed that during periods of political fascism, the arts and culture of the afficted nation dwindle away and nothing of much interest is produced. This is not because people aren't doing interesting things under the radar, but because relatively sterile, conservative, over-produced and altogether lifeless work enjoys all sorts of unfair advantages in the fascist market. We have instant global communication. The more you help us do so, the more we'll make sure to use it.