1/28/05: If you press record on your hand-held tape recorder regularly you might just hit jackpot. Now uploaded on the Mesler vs. Mesler list is a series of recordings documenting a nine hour plus drive from Los Angeles to Arizona last month. One of these recordings is a RARE AND ACTUAL document of the phenomenological anomalies of the Western sky.

RM recounts: "We were driving to Bisbee from SF via LA looking for cheap land. We smoked and listened to Rolling Thunder. Night fell. Halfway there we saw the UFO."

JM: "Out of nowhere this huge light flame came falling from the sky. It was not very high in the sky and it was traveling very fast. It was very bright and it almost looked like a large ship. "

RM: "The truth is the only thing I remember about the UFO is that it was a bright white light moving up and down like a slow mo yo-yo. And it was near the casinos. I could make stuff up, but those are the raw facts. It hung there for a few seconds low in the sky then disappeared. And then my rear started to ache a little bit.

"Neither of us bought land. Though I almost bought an old jail and J almost bought an old church. No UFOs on the way back, but quite a few checkpoints. "

With such differing accounts, we can only thank Mesler vs. Mesler that an actual audio recording of the event exists.