On a recent recording of a grateful dead song, a mysterious solo appeared precisely where it should have been, yet no one played it. It seems that J. Garcia's ghost may have stepped in and laid down some notes. Notice that as an angel he now seems to have 10 fingers. It's only a few seconds, but we thought we'd leave the song unfinished and put it up as is. Anyway, we would have done the right thing and given over rights of the recording to grateful dead management, but due to recent events they've lost our respect and we've decided to offer this anomaly free for all comers.

4 July, 1987: anyhow, this occasioned a little internet investigation of grateful dead stuff. Still available on archive.com is a downloadable concert in its entirety, of the dead and bob dylan, 4 July, 1987. I was there. it happens to be the day I first saw Dylan (and the Dead) play. A beautiful summer day in Massachusetts. It's a good recording, much superior to the horrible record they released. On that occasion of independence and what not, with Dylan doing chimes of freedom in a bandana, before so many young and wild and insane, one could change one's life for the better, to put it mildly. Of course the dead-heads around didn't know the songs and complained the whole time. I was the same way when sitting through the Dead. Bored, angry and mocking the suckers who believed in it. I'm younger than that now. Just a bit.

also: Art Bell is back every Saturday and Sunday. it's for a sad reason, but he's been great and he needs us as never before.

Finally: Why was this song our most downloaded mp3 of January? No idea.