2005 RED STATES TOUR (& a couple blue too)

Pruesspress.com is in the beginning stages of planning its first cross-country concert tour. Thus far, it looks like RABBI MILKBLOOD, MESLER vs. MESLER, the WARNINGS and TIF are implicated. We're working on Professor Winkler. The tour will travel from Boston to L.A., with many stops along the way, from 18 October through the second week of November. Look out Louisville, Baltimore, Cincinatti, Chicago, Lawrence, Denver, St. Louis et. al. We'll be traveling in conjunction with our friend Mark von Schlegell, who will be crossing the country supporting his sci fi novel, Venusia, coming out from Semiotext(e) press. We need help booking venues etc., so all friends and fans with ideas and connections please write pruesspress@hotmail.com with advice. We'd love to visit your town and debate abortion and religion with you. G-d bless.

In other news, Tif has recorded a lovely version of Rhiannon for 2/3/2 Studios' in-production feature film, My Dinner with Merlin. Look for more Warnings coming soon.