Around the corner from Pruess Press's new Chinatown studios, a new business recently opened, run by a fellow we'll call "Jack." Jack is from San Francisco and opened a satellite operation down here in Los Angeles. He's a quiet man, successful and self-possessed. It's well-known that way back in the 70's he was a roadie for the likes of The Grateful Dead and Neil Young. Naturally, we invited him around to play anytime he wanted. No one quite knows exactly how Jack transformed himself from a roadie into a successful international businessman, but when he came by recently and laid down a few spontaneous recordings (now available on the SIDES list) we began to get an inkling. This song in particular seemed to contain in it a perfect representation of a very familiar sound. New rumors began to trickle in. "Jerry was very sick and listless for a long time. Someone had to play and sing for him. Neil too, sometimes, got a little too into the party to play and sing competently." Neil? Come on. We laughed it off. "You have no idea." Then we heard this one. We're not pushing it, just recording, folks.

We'll try to get some more evidence. Meanwhile, if you see Jack, don't let on him you suspect a thing.