09/21/05: S.O.S.

Simon Wiesenthal is dead.

Two new records are on the verge of release. The Oct/Nov cross-country RED STATE tour is taking shape. Featuring Tif & the Warnings and Professor Winkler and Bara, in conjunction with von Schlegell's Venusia Tour, final vehicular negotiations are under way. We need your help and support more than ever.

The Rambler #7 (Rambler am Rhein) is now available at Sprueth/Magers gallery Cologne and Pruess Press in Los Angeles. Featuring art and letters by Mason Cooley, Norman Klein, Chris Kraus, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Tom Marble, Daniel Mendel-Black, Joel Mesler, Andreas Neumeister, Raymond Pettibon, Mark von Schlegell, Frances Scholz, Marcus Steinweg and Lawrence Weiner, German/American mis-
understanding has never been so clear.