one fair and fine maple day
sari said to me -

are you the lad the soldiers sent, are you my rescuee?
aren't you in my crime?

the house was in a mess -- our kitchen had been ransacked,
our backyard wasn't there

i said calm down ma'am
i can tell you haven't been briefed - at least not yet
so sit and listen to me,
i've got news for you - it's that you've got to be patient
before the lights when they come back on tonight
don't nod your head if you don't understand what i just said

don't say ok: if i have to come back here another day -
i'll report you to your senator
he'll report you to his senator
he'll report you to his senator
and then you'll be busted
and you know what it looks like to be busted
you see those people on your mellophone
you watch the pictures as they're taken from their home
do you want to be like them? ashamed on the telly
do you want your friends to talk and say you went crazy?
i don't want that either too, so here's what we'll do
just nod you're head when i'm done saying what i want to say,
nod your head, nod your head.

as transcribed by Sarah L-G