well listen for a moment lads
hear me tell my tale
i've crossed the seas from england -- i was condemned to sail
the jury found me guilty and
says the judge says he
'oh for life jim jones we're sending you across the stormy sea'

and our ship was on the mast when pirates came around
but the soldiers on our convict ship were full 500 strong
they offered up a little fight that drove the pirate ship away

but i'd rather have joined that pirate ship than gone
to botany bay
oh it's day and night the irons clan and like dishonored
slaves we toiled and toiled and when

we die must fill dishonored graves
but --------
i'll slip away
and join the braven rangers there jack donahue and co.
i'll give the land a little shock
remember what i say
and they'll yet regret they've sent jim jones in chain
to botany bay --
i'll give a little shock
i'll gun the fuckers down
i'll take the killers one and all
i'll run the bastards home


as transcribed by Sarah L-G