fell upon holy day
as many in the year
.... to the church to see fine ladies there

some dressed in velvet red
some with velvet tails
and in there walked lord barnard's wife -- the fairest of them all
you have seen my favorite friends, now they all must leave
'cause i can't let the little ones see my breathe
... ask my heart's delight
ill take you there with me if you lay in my arms tonight

from my faded golden broken days
lie and lie and you cannot fill my way
and standing by was a little foot page from the lady's court he
ran, although i am a lady's page i am lord barnard's man
well, if this be true my little foot page this thing that you
tell me, all the gold in this country ill give to thee
but, if this be a lie my little foot page this thing that you
tell me, from the highest tree in [bucklesfordbury] hanged you shall be.

...the lady fair on the bed whereon she lay....
i have waited long enough for this day to break
sad that i begin it with a quiet mistake and as i wait
for another try, my lips i cannot still
perhaps it's why my brethren all moved inside that hill

but there was a man in lord barnard's train who loved the lit-
tle mistake, and loud and clear he blew his horn to wake.....
his friends away

i think i hear the morning cock, i think i hear the jay, i
think i hear the whining horn -- i wish i was away

wait a long time for it, then it will not come

sun above still rises behind the sun

the warnings i give to you, put them in the dark
for when the darkness takes you -- that's when it starts
take your time and answer questions put behind the shadow that
you guarded before this time
well there are two swords down by my side and dear they cost my purse
you can have the best of them, i will take the
worst. and the first stroke the little .... the door
i can kick and i can scream and i will wait for word
children that i did not have, from what i hear, have burned
and smoke it fills this ventilation above my head
the hill cannot take what we give, soon it will to feed itself
into the running stream that bathers fear to bathe
the fingers that still wet themselves

sing these songs when darkness takes you mother from your sight.
the kitchen's on the other side and we'll make it with a fight
the kitchen's on the other side and we'll make it with a fight
a grave, grave lord barnard tried to place these lovers in
but my lady on the upper hand for she came from better kin,
for i've just killed the finest knight that ever rode a steed
and i just killed the fairest lady that ever did a woman's deed

grave, grave by my side..... ropes
take me to the other side this i hope there's
friendship where your fathers fell
there's danger in their dust
gather you will conquer whatever it is you must.

as transcribed by Sarah L-G